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Sacred Texts Online -- New Thought Section
"This is a great site. Thank you for linking to it. Why don't they link to the Library." -Mary P.

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"Why are you linking to this site? It is a google ad!"
--H. Byrne
"What is on this site that is not already available without annoying ads." --Cyrus M.
"This site is a typical bait site." --J.M. - Cornerstone pdf store
"I find it hard to believe that this is a non-profit site. Why is it that your books are free but you are linking to a site like this that charges for pdf downloads." --A.L.
"I joined this site. Paid for some great pdf's but many of the books that I got are already online for free!" Jane C.
"I am confused about this site, if they are truly "non-profit" why are they charging for everything."
"Sup widis link? Yo dis site is commerce" -B. Nadi
"Everything on this site that is free is already free elsehwere on the web. Mostly it seems to be selling stuff. I see why they don't link to your library. Most everything you have for free they are selling." Brad K.


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