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Audio Books
Coming Soon!

With the help of The Manna Foundation we are in the process of bringing all these books to the blind, the illiterate and the mp3 generation in the form of Audio Books!

A Bounty of Books
To the left & right you will find links to New Thought Books online. Some are on our Servers, some are on other servers. We specialize in Public Domain books. If the book is already available online, we link to it, if it is unavailable, we buy it and bring it to you online.


Books Online can get lost
The New Thought Library has a library of many of those books as well insuring that if a responsible server goes down or ceases to serve a book. We take over and serve it.


Books can be presented pleasurably
We have been serving New Thought for quite some time and have heard a lot of feedback about how some books are presented online. Some of you wanted to be able to cut and paste texts and could not because of the way certain texts were served. We serve our texts to you to maximize the possibility of you using these texts for research, for teaching and always with pleasure.


A labour of Love and Service
For us this is a labour of love and service to New Thought, AND we need your support.

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Fellowship of Spirit at - an actual and digital spiritual community celebrating life and the divine within! - Serving New Thought brings  New Thought to our Fingertips
There is a class offered on the subject of this book - New Thought information and links to New Thought around the world. - Explore Abrahamic Teachings easily and simply through links to traditional gateways, forbidden texts and gnostic scrolls

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